About Us

Climbing tour company

Karibu Adventure constantly innovates and improves it trips, this innovation is what keeps us on the top of the profession. This is a guarantee to you and we keep stand behind it. We receive many messages from clients telling us how the trip has transformed their lives. They tell us how they have become more understanding of the difference between people and how their trip taught them greater appreciation for nature and its fragile environment.

Experienced Driver & Guide

The success of every safari largely depends on your driver/guide. We take great care when selecting our drivers/guides, only the best pass our tests. Guides are highly skilled professional, carefully in judgement, patient, supportive, teaching and truly love helping others experience to be amazing beauty of our country. Karibu Adventure’s guides summiting Mount Kilimanjaro over 100 times and over 8 years of experience. They receive lots of training from us on a regular basis. When you trek with us, you can count on having the best-trained guides on the mountain who lead trips with passion and confidence.

Success Rate

Greater than 98% summit success rate, with healthily, energized and happy to be on the top, of roof of the Africa continent. We lead a PRIVATE CLIMB and small group so we have time for everyone and can give you the attention you certification.


Your safety is our highest priority. We carry pulse oximeters, stethoscopes, expedition first aid kits on all treks and Portable Altitude Chamber for Crater Camp. Karibu Adventure guides have high altitude experience, are certified High Altitude First Responder and Certified Emergence Wilderness Medicine.