Kilimanjaro Climb best route

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a great adventure in a life time one of the most important choices to make when planning to summit Africa’s highest mountain is obviously which is the best route to take?. To get a sense of what route might work best for you, read through our list below.

Machame route

  • The most popular and good route for climbers who are interesting with a challenging climb and who are confident to trek over longer periods through steep terrain.

Marangu route

  • Good route for those who do not want to sleep in the tent, for this route you will sleep in the mountain Hut. It is good for climbers who want to spend less time on the mountain.

Rongai route

  • The best route for Kilimanjaro climbers who are interesting in gentle slopes. Some believe this is good for acclimatization, others argue the western routes offer better acclimatization due to the rise and fall in altitude when climbing. This part of the mountain receives the lowest precipitation, even during the rainy season

Shira route

  • For climbers who are confident to acclimatize to altitude, and to walk over steeper slopes for extended periods. It is also suitable for climbers who wish to spend more time on the mountain to acclimatize. The route joins with the Machame and Lemosho routes at Shira hut, and offers breathtaking scenic views of the mountain features and the surrounding areas.

Lemosho route

  • The longer route and becoming very popular route a good route for climbers who wish to acclimatize over a longer period than most other routes. The route starts on the western slopes of the mountain across the Shira plateau and meets with the Machame and Shira routes at Shira hut. Lovely views of the Kilimanjaro landscape, vegetations and wildlife.

Umbwe route

  • For those who are experienced mountaineers since it contains consistently steep slopes. It also good for climbers who want a private hike away from other trekkers, it is not recommended for inexperienced mountaineers.

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