Group climbs are great to experience the climbing Kilimanjaro with other travelers from around the world. Our groups usually range from 4-12 persons. The maximum number of clients in a group climb is 12-18 persons depending on the route chosen.

If the dates below are not convenient for you please propose your own dates and we will arrange a climb specifically to suit you. We are able to organize a climb for you on any day of the year, and there is no minimum group size for this option.

These are the importance of joining a group on Kilimanjaro climbing:

  • Saving Cost – Climbing Kilimanjaro is even more expensive if you are a solo climber. Get discounts and save loads by latching into one of our small open groups of 2 to 18 climbers
  • Companionship – Groups provide climbers to simply be in the company of other people.
  • Achievement – Groups have the capability to achieve more than individuals acting alone.
  • Making new friends and cultural value – Organize people from different places and culture and meet new people and make a new friend that may give you a reason to come out for sharing more experience and have fun.
  • Strength in Numbers – You have access to an established support system of experienced people who are motivated to get things done.
  • Stay Inspired and Motivated – Learn to love what you do! You may not even know that you love something, but it’s important to be proactive about things you discover on the journey. Join a group of Kilimanjaro climbers crew and discover something new on your hiking experience. Saving Cost – Climbing Kilimanjaro is even more expensive if you are a solo climber. Get discounts and save loads by latching into one of our small open groups of 2 to 18 climbers.
Price Per Person (USD)
Updated February 15, 2021
RouteArrival DateClimb DatePrice (USD)Trip Availability
8 day Lemosho RouteMar 8th, 2021Mar 10th – 17th
                     Long Rainy Season (Mid-March to Mid-June)
7 day MachameJun 6, 2021Jun 8th to 14th
14 spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteJun 9, 2021Jun 11th to 18th
9 spaces
7 day Lemosho RouteJun 13, 2021Jun 15th to 21st
7 day Rongai routeJun 10thJun 12th to 18th
6 day machame RouteJul 1stJul 3rd 8th
18 spaces
8 day Northern CircuitJul 6, 2021Jul 8th to 15th , 2021
8 spaces
6 day Rongai RouteJul 16, 2021Jul 18th to 23rd , 2021
16 Spaces
7 day Machame RouteJul 18, 2021Jul 20th to 26th , 2021
8 day Lemosho RouteJul 24, 202126th to Aug 2, 2021
10 spaces
7 day Shira RouteJul 31, 20212nd to Aug 8, 2021
18 spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteAug 7, 20219th to Aug 16, 2021
10 spaces
6 day Machame routeAug 14, 202116th to Aug 21st , 2021
8 day Lemosho RouteAug 15, 202117th to Aug 24, 2021
7 spaces
7 day Rongai RouteAug 16, 202118th Aug 24, 2021
8 spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteAug17, 202119th to Aug 26, 2021
8 day Lemosho RouteAug 28, 202130th to Sep 6, 2021
10 spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteSep 4, 20216th to Sep 13, 2021
14 spaces
7 day Rongai routeSep 13, 202115th to Sep 21st , 2021
9 Spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteSep 14, 202116th to Sep 23, 2021
7 day Shira routeSep 14, 202116th Sep 22nd, 2021
16 spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteSep 15, 202117th Sep 24, 2021
8 day Lemosho RouteSep 25, 202127th Oct 4, 2021
7 spaces
7 day Lemosho RouteOct 2, 20214th Oct 10, 2021
6 spaces
8 day Northern CircuitOct 11, 202113th Oct 20th, 2021
8 day Lemosho RouteOct 12, 202114t Oct 21st , 2021
8 spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteOct 14, 202116th Oct 23, 2021
12 spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteOct 23, 202125th Nov 1, 2021
6 Spaces
Short Rainy Season (November)
8 day Lemosho RouteNov 28th , 202130th to Dec 6th , 2021
8 Spaces
8 day Rongai routeDec 1st , 20213rd  to 10th Dec 21, 2021
14 spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteDec 12, 202114th Dec 21, 2021
15 spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteDec 18, 202120th Dec 27, 2021
9 spaces
9 day Northern CircuitDec 24, 202126th Jan 3, 2022
8 spaces
8 day Lemosho RouteDec 25, 202127th Jan 3, 2022
11 spaces
If your dates are not available above, we can arrange a private climb for you.

Our standard package includes the following:

  • Medically qualified guides
  • Twice a day medical health check up, monitoring with pulse-oximeter and stethoscope.
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • 2 nights hotel in Moshi one prior the climb and one after the climb with storage facilities for excess luggage during hikes
  • Orientation meeting in Moshi and gear check as well.
  • Pick up and drop off to the Airport
  • Kilimanjaro National Park permits, camping/hut fees, and rescue fees
  • Tanzania VAT (18%)on tourism activities and park fees
  • 3-4 porters per climber, which includes porters to carry up to 30 lbs of your personal gear.
  • All meals while on the climb + evening tea with popcorn or peanuts.
  • As much treated water you can drink while climbing.
  • Hot water for washing up daily.
  • Basic first aid kit 
  • Salaries for mountain support crew, as per required KINAPA minimum payments
  • Camping equipment (tents, sleeping mat, camp chairs, camp tables, mess tent & cutlery for meals) – not applicable on the Marangu route as all meals are served at the camps in designated dining halls
  • Kilimanjaro National Park certificate for your successful summit attempt

Excluded from Standard Package rates

  • Flights and airport taxes
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Hotel accommodation with the Standard Package does not include dinner, but could be arranged at an additional cost
  • Compulsory tips for guides, porters and cook (average tip is anything from US$250 to US$ 350 per hiker – depending on the number of days and number of hikers in the group, as well as the route chosen)
  • Entry visa for Tanzania (US$50 per passport holder for most nationalities / US $ 100 per visa for USA passport holders)
  • Health requirements (Yellow Fever – only compulsory if you travel to Tanzania via a Yellow Fever infected country, Meningitis & Hepatitis A remains optional, but comes recommended)
  • Optional but highly recommended travel and medical insurance.
  • Standard Packages do not include Flying doctors memberships (Helicopter evacuation to Nairobi), but could be done at own arrangement
  • Personal hiking/trekking gear – you could rent some of the gear in Tanzania at our office
  • Optional, but highly recommended Portable toilet (Portable toilet not allowed on the Marangu route)
  • Snacks, personal medicine
  • Meals and drinks not specified.

Kilimanjaro additional costs:

  • Single supplement, for single tent per trip $45
  • Extra porter, for excess gear, per day $15
  • Extra hotel night, check in 11AM, check out 10AM, per room $75 Single room and double room $85 bed and breakfast.
  • Private toilet, for private climbs $15 per day

We look forward to preparing your “trip of a lifetime”

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