Karibu Adventure Faqs

Q: Are flights included with the booking?

No. We want to give you the flexibility of tailoring travel dates to suit you. We can however sometimes advise on better deals we have found.  We have not set up direct partnerships with airlines that fly to Tanzania / Kenya and as there are many options, it helps you to book direct and thus obtain the necessary cover that is provided with a direct booking relating to protection and compensation.

Q: Will my driver / guide speak English?

Yes.  At all times we will ensure you are travelling with a driver / guide who speaks English.  We cannot, however, guarantee fluency in other languages so please let us know in advance if you’d like to request any translators and we will see what we can do

Q: Can I create a custom itinerary?

At present we are offering treks to the summit of Kilimanjaro all routes, as well as animal safaris and trips to various tribes. If you are interested in a variation on these, please contact us We will work hard to accommodate your needs.

Q: What price range are your trips?

Our prices are generally mid-range. We don’t compete with the cheap Kilimanjaro climb and safari companies on price because we don’t want to compromise your comfort, safety, and enjoyment, nor the wages and health of our guides and porters. On the other hand, we are far from the most expensive company because we do not have the high overhead of American and European based tour operators. We are a Tanzanian-owned and operated company helping our clients enjoys the beauty and excitement of our country and helping invest in the people of Tanzania.

Q: Can Karibu help me book flights?

Karibu Adventure books internal East Africa travel and transfers, including flights, bus rides and shuttles. Tickets can be mailed to you prior to your trip or picked up in Tanzania.

Q: Can I fly through Nairobi to reach Kilimanjaro?

It is possible to fly into Nairobi and transfer to another flight or by bus to Moshi. Although Nairobi offers more international flight options and slightly lower fares, we do not recommend flying into Nairobi. Logistically it is much easier to fly directly into Kilimanjaro on KLM (via Amsterdam) or Ethiopian Airlines (via Addis Ababa). Kenyan visas may need to be purchased; your schedule may require an overnight stay in Nairobi; and the bus connection, though reliable and comfortable, is 7 hours to Kilimanjaro.

Q: Can I pay for my Karibu trip with a credit card?

We accept visa, Master card and online payment under these conditions; you will send us your details information like city, country, full name and phone number then we will send an invoice by our office with the payment amount intended. A 5% bank fee will be added to online payments. This amount is included in the invoice total. In other words, the invoice total is the actual amount charged to the bank card. Payments of balances due are accepted in person through bank card in our office in Moshi. A bank fee of 4% is added for in person bank card payments.

Q: What other expenses are required to arrive in Tanzania?

There is a visa required for most foreign citizens. The fee varies according to your nationality. Please check with your embassy for up to date details. Also you will need to have immunizations. Check with a travel health clinic in your country.




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