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The Best Kilimanjaro Tour operators are regulated by the Government and are required to maintain proper licenses to operate tours up Kilimanjaro.  The following is a list of requirements to be a licensed tour operator for Mount Kilimanjaro:
  • Certificate of Incorporation – Issued by Govt. of Tanzania
  • Taxpayer Identification Number – Tanzania Revenue Authority
  • TALA License Documentation for Mountain Climbing – Tanzania Tourist Licensing Board

A Kilimanjaro tour is a once in a lifetime trip.

It is a trip on which you spend of a lot of money.
It is a trip into a part of the world that you are likely not familiar with.

And it is a trip that, if organized by irresponsible or incompetent Kilimanjaro tour operators, can quickly become dangerous and even life threatening.

Now, you may think that Kilimanjaro trekking companies would all be responsible and competent.

After all, they have to get approved by the park authorities, right? And all the mountain guides have to be licensed, right? So that would ensure that no matter who you go with, at least you would be safe, right?

Think again!      Best Kilimanjaro Company 2021 – 2022

There are several hundred operators who offer Kilimanjaro tours

Tanzania is a typical African country and regulation exists only on paper. There are a million loopholes and evasion strategies. The people supposed to enforce the regulations are poor. A budget Kilimanjaro tour operator can bribe his way out of any requirements that would cost him too much money to keep his rock bottom prices.

How To Choose The Best Kilimanjaro Operator

What signs do you need to look for when choosing a tour operator to take you on a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro? It’s a hugely important decision, so do your research well and early, says our expert, Safari Wanderer.

Safety First:     Best Kilimanjaro Company 2021 – 2022

There’s no reason why a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro should be dangerous, but choosing a bad operator could make it exactly that. This decision is probably the most important one when you’re doing your planning. After all, your operator will be responsible for your safety on the mountain, your comfort and your chances of reaching the summit. So, you need to make sure that they measure up on a number of fronts.

Book Local:     Best Kilimanjaro Company 2021 – 2022

Some people are more comfortable booking with an operator in their own country – but why? Many of the foreign-based operators actually use local trekking agencies to provide the guides on the mountain, so booking with a Tanzanian operator for your Kilimanjaro trek means that everything is controlled and managed by them locally. And in this day of internet, e-mail and Skype, you can ask a Tanzania-based operator all the questions you want, whenever you want. Search out a good, Tanzanian operator to take you to the summit!

Plan ahead, book ahead

Book your Kilimanjaro trek well in advance and you will benefit from the advice of your Kilimanjaro operator. A good operator will be able to advise you on important matters such as getting fit, sourcing the right equipment, what to bring in your daypack. And by planning ahead, you will have time to do some practice walks, trying out your boots and specialist clothing.

Read the reviews

However good your operator claims they are, you can get extra comfort from using the feedback given by those who’ve climbed with them before you. Don’t just spend a few seconds on this: read the reviews in detail. Have any concerns been expressed by visitors about safety, the food or the quality of the tents on their Kilimanjaro trek? What are people saying about the quality of their mountain guides? How do they treat the porters? Remember that climbing Kilimanjaro is a serious exercise and a poor quality operator who doesn’t pay attention to these matters may not get you to the top in comfort – or at all! If you don’t like what you read, if you have concerns, then it’s simply time to move on and find another operator.

Read The Operators Website

A good operator has to care about your safety on the Kilimanjaro trek, and they will want you to be prepared before you arrive. Check their website pages carefully – they should have something called ‘Trip Notes’ or something similar, giving you detailed information on how to be ready for your climb-of-a-lifetime. Are their mountain guides experienced and trained? Ask yourself: if the operator hasn’t prepared this information for its future visitors, is it likely to be your best choice to take care of you on the climb itself? On the other hand, if the information is helpful and comprehensive, then it is probably good evidence that they are professional. Enjoy your Kilimanjaro trek!

Why Climb Kilimanjaro with Karibu Adventure

A local licensed Kilimanjaro Tour Operator

KARIBU ADVENTURE is a 100% local and fair company. We have the best camping logistics, the best guides and porters as well as a big variety of tours. We take care of your individual needs and wishes and provide the best quality to create an amazing time in Tanzania.

We offer an Air Ambulance  

In the rare case when a climber gets ill or seriously injured on Mount Kilimanjaro, a helicopter evacuation may be required. With a mission of “making Kilimanjaro the safest tourist destination in Africa”, there are several search and rescue companies to evacuate climbers to safety. Providing emergency evacuation from any feasible landing area, their high-altitude helicopters and fully-trained medical personnel are able to respond in a timely manner. Karibu Adventures has an agreement with Intensive Care Air Ambulance (ICAA) AMREF Flying Doctor who can evacuate you in case of any severe problems arise up to an altitude of 4000m are included in our offer.

                             local Kilimanjaro company

Proven Expertise

With more than 16 years of experience, Karibu Adventure has a proven expertise on Mount Kilimanjaro. We lead over 110 climbs per year prior Covid 19, with more than 550 adventurers climbing with us annually. Literally thousands of climbers have stood on the top of Kilimanjaro with us. Our clients have included celebrities, film makers, senators, ambassadors, authors and journalists.

Our Reputation of Excellence

Our expert guides Medically Qualified were hand selected to work for us. We have the best local guides who have received extensive training in first aid and mountain rescue. With unrivaled experience and competence, they are among the most talented and respected professionals in the industry. Our guides have many years of combined experience on Kilimanjaro and thousands of successful summits.

Fully Staffed Climbs

Our climbs are fully staffed with approximately two guide per two clients. This is the best way to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. We strive to create the optimal conditions for a safe, successful climb. Having the right number of personnel to manage the group size creates an organized team on the mountain, but more importantly ensures proper attention for each and every climber.

Highest Safety Standards (Daily Health Checks)

Karibu Adventure is focused on safety, understanding that our top priority is to keep you out of harm’s way. Our guides perform regular health checks on all climbers, and they are prepared to prevent, detect and treat altitude sickness. We include rescue oxygen on every climb and have evacuation plans in place in case of emergencies.

Safety On Kilimanjaro

Quality Camping Gear (Top Brand Tents)

We only use high quality camping equipment to keep climbers as comfortable as possible while outdoors. Our Mountain Hardwear tents are warm, waterproof, and roomy – and perfectly suited for the rigors of Kilimanjaro. We provide thick foam sleeping pads (mattress) for all clients.

Delicious Meals: Climb with

All food and drink is provided on the mountain. Our mountain chefs prepare delicious meals with fresh, local ingredients. These meals are nutritious and calorie dense, specifically designed to sustain the energy of climbers. An amount of clean water is provided so climbers stay well hydrated throughout the trek. We also cater to special dietary requirements.

Best Routes.

Karibu Adventure specializes on Kilimanjaro’s best routes. With many routes to choose from, we avoid routes that are very crowded, less scenic, and have poor acclimatization profiles. We operate primarily on routes that offer a combination of high success rates, scenic beauty and low foot traffic. This ensures our clients have the best chance of reaching the summit and have a good time doing it.

Group and Private Climbs

For those who are traveling alone or simply want the company of others, we have scheduled group climbs on our favorite routes. These climbs avoid the rainy seasons, include acclimatization days, and are limited to 15 climbers. We can also organize private climbs on any route, for any size party, on any dates.

Porter Care (treatment and Fair Compensation)

We take porter welfare very seriously and do our best to ensure our staff is treated well. As a partner company of the Kilimanjaro Porters Association (KPA), we comply with all established guidelines on porter wages and welfare. We pay our porters more than the standard compensation. Our porters have proper food and shelter, and their loads are restricted to reasonable weight limits.

Trash in, Trash out

Our guides and porters practice Trash in, Trash out ethics on the mountain so that everyone can enjoy a clean, litter free environment on one of Africa’s most majestic landscapes.

Affordable Prices.

All-inclusive costs to climb Kilimanjaro. Prices for private groups and open climbs for a wide range of budgets, from USD 1300 to USD 4800 per person

Mountain crew members who join every trek:

  • Waiters – Each trek has a Head Waiter and an Assistant Waiter (depending on service level) to ensure a professional meal service and keeping the dining tent clean & organized.
  • Campsite Manager – Our Campsite Managers organize the expert setup and breakdown of each camp, and practice the “Leave No Trace” wilderness ethics.
  • Camp Set Up Crew – Our fastest porters reach the next camp location first, to secure the best tent sites daily.
  • Sanitary Services Crew – This specialist team is trained in sanitary services including collection and treatment of drinking water and managing hand-washing stations for climbers.
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