Lake Chala day trip

Lake Chala Day Trip, For those arriving into Tanzania from Australia or America, or from any time zones that are several hours ahead or behind, or from anywhere that requires several plane changes, an intelligent strategy is to allow a day or two’s leisure in Moshi/Arusha prior to your climb. The reasons for this are:

  • Around 1 in 7 people have their luggage delayed. Most delayed luggage arrives 24 hours after it’s supposed to. (Delays are most usually caused by short intervals between connecting flights).
  • Prolonged airline travel tends to dehydrate and tire people. This adversely affects the body’s ability to acclimatise. Having a day at leisure allows rehydration and revitalisation.
  • A day getting used to Moshi/Arusha’s elevation (around 800, 1,450m) and the dry air, helps with adaptation to Kilimanjaro.
  • Those who do not have time to go on safari after their climb often appreciate the opportunity to see a little of the local (non-alpine) environment and culture.

Other than safaris, there are several day-trip options available to be enjoyed from Moshi/Arusha. We briefly summarise the six popular options.

Lake Chala is a unique caldera lake, and is thought to be the deepest inland body of water in Africa. This lake is fed by underground springs from Mt. Kilimanjaro. The lake has a great diversity of life. From lush lake shore forest to stunning volcanic savanna; from river beds marvelously carved through ancient rock, to thick bush or open ‘mbuga’. Walking at Lake Chala is a magical experience that will put you back in touch with nature. Chala has a huge variety of amazing trees, grasses and plants; some are unique to the area. According to the time of year there are hundreds of species of butterflies and birds, including spectacular birds of prey. The African Fish Eagle, with its hunting techniques, Verreaux’s Eagle, Augur Buzzards and many other species of birds can be seen around the crater walls. Wild mammals do varies from monkeys to baboons again from dik-dik to kudu, to elephant. Chala is an untouched part of a truly ancient land and a must visit place.

Activities at this lake: walking safaris, canoeing, swimming and fishing.

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