8 Days trek + 2 nights hotel.

7 Days trek + 2 nights hotel.

6 Days trek + 2 nights hotel.

6 Days trek + 2 nights hotel.

6 Days trek + 2 nights hotel.


Medical Advice

All participants are required by the Tanzanian authorities to have a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate to enter Tanzania.  Your certificate will be issued by either your doctor or a travel clinic prior to travelling to Tanzania. Tanzania is also a malaria country and so it is important that you seek medical advice about taking anti-malarial medication before climbing Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro Medical List

Diamox 250mg For altitude sickness.

We us Karibu Adventures do recommending to use 125mg twice a day

  • Max 3/day from day 1 (Or
  • before going above 3 000m). Good supply – or the
  • generic – Azomid.

Headache/Pain Pills

  • Not too strong, otherwise it may mask more serious
  • symptoms & inhibit breathing.

Basic Antiseptic Cream For cuts / blisters add plasters & small scissors.

  • Imodium & Buscopan
  • Stomach disorders – good supply
  • For nausea – good supply

Sun protection Lip-ice, Zinc balm, Sun-screen factor 40 or more for protection from the sun, wind and ice-glare

  • Re-hydrate Salts / Electrolytes
  • To supplement the loss of salts / electrolytes with the
  • hard physical activity. Recommended to add to your
  • water bottle to ingest while walking for optimum absorption.

Support bandage / Antiinflammatory tablets, creams & patches.

  • For aching joints especially on the descent.

Decadron (Steroid) (or similar)

  • These do help, but you must check with a doctor before using.

Sleeping tablets

  • For people that are light sleepers. Not stronger than over-the-counter – it HAS to be quick-release – you don’t want to feel groggy from the tablets when you wake up!

Water purification Tablets

  • Enough for approx. 21-25 litres of water/ Karibu Adventure carrying this and we treat the drinking water before you drink

Extra Calmag – To avoid cramping Vitamin E – Assist in oxygenation process

  • Extend – For muscle strength and stamina

B12 – For energy

  • A good multi-vitamin will include all of the above (e.g. Pharmaton, etc.)

Additional Information:

  1. Please note that all of the above are suggestions only – you MUST consult a good physician before using any of these – some may affect you adversely at high altitude or have an interaction with other medications in your system. You may also be allergic to certain drugs e.g. Sulphur-based products.
  2. Go slowly, very slowly (POLE POLE!). It is very important to do this on the first two days, even if you feel well. This is where your climb is made!
  3. For those doing the Marangu Route, please suggest to your guide that you go the longer route along the river en-route to Mandara Hut, as it is more scenic.
  4. There are no shower facilities at any of the huts/camps – your porters will supply you with warm water if required. No washing water at Kibo or Barafu camps. Wet wipes are quite useful!
  5. There are no opening windows in the huts (Marangu Route – except Kibo) – to get air