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Prison Island Tour In Zanzibar

Prison Island, also known as Changuu Island which is located in the western part of Zanzibar Island, just off Stone Town. It takes around 25 minutes by local boat riding from the Stone Town beach.

The island’s main attraction is the popular Giant Tortoises, who can live up to 200 years. In this tour, you will get a chance to explore and learn the history of these beautiful creatures and also about Prison Island itself. 

Zanzibar is portrayed as a mixture, with a mix of Arabic, African, Indian, European legacies, making an exceptional social blend on the island, occasionally observed somewhere else. One reason for this is Zanzibar’s horrible past and it’s significant that individuals know about the monstrosities that occurred.

On a Prison Island tour, you will get to see around the Prison land, know the slave history, visit the Mangapwani slave chambers. Swimming around the prison Island is accessible, while you can also take pictures with Giant turtles.

To arrive at the island from Changuu Island, a boat needs to be hired, with a tour/excursion lasting for half a day. Changuu (Prison Island) is a formerly known slave prison, simply off the shore of Stone Town.

Island Slave History

Get yourself familiar with the Island’s slave History. If you are keen on finding out about the islands part in the slave trade, book for Prison Island Tour with our Guide to take you to the old slave market, slave caverns. The Mangapwani Slave Chambers is apparently a superior spot to go to in the event that you need to find out about the repulsions of slavery and the part of Zanzibar when it comes to the slave trade. The majority of the slaves from the terrain and different pieces of East African were brought to Zanzibar prior to being taken for forced labor in various pieces of the world.

The Mangapwani Slave Chambers is located approximately 12 miles from Stone Town. The chambers were constructed underground and were utilized to hide slaves even after slavery was annulled. You can end your reality discovering excursion by taking a swim at the previous slave port.

Presently, Mangapwani Slave Chambers is the home to huge Aldabra tortoises, imported from Seychelles. You can take care of the tortoise, appreciate the forest. Further, white sandy beach is accessible to sunbathe and get an extraordinary perspective on Stone Town.

Additionally, some of the Tortoises are accepted to be more than 100 years of age. In the wake of investing energy petting and contacting the turtles, you can swim on the beach and respect the astounding scene and winged animal life including the astonishing peacock.

Visit Prison Island (Changuu)

Prison Island, otherwise called Changuu Island was left immaculate until it was occupied by the Arabs in the 1860s. The island was utilized as an impermanent haven for slaves who were viewed as defiant or with attributes to lead revolts. The slaves were kept there prior to being sold abroad. The Island was likewise utilized to quarantine the individuals who became ill during yellow fever pandemics.

Snorkeling around Prison Island

The Prison Island features a wonderful archipelago which makes have the option to swim around. Likewise, there exist pleasant and turquoise waters that create the genuine nature of heaven.  Undoubtedly, it is protected for all ages and with its white sandy beach, many appreciate how beach-walk is dazzling here.

At Prison Island, there exists a beautiful school of fish and remarkable coral reefs that has been known as one among the best locations for swimming excursions, exotic fish as blue stripe, barracuda, dark snapper, orange lined triggerfish, clown triggerfish, emperor angelfish, spotted garfish, longfinbannerfish, rabbitfish, etc

Take pictures with Giant turtles

Prison Island houses giant tortoises in which the majority of these creatures are 70 to more than 100 hundred years.  Notably, before you will have brilliant swimming, and the superb swimming, tourists can take essential pictures with the monster turtles. Ultimately, our prepared guide will be there to clarify how they are that excited about specific plants and what general they loathe.

Shot a photograph the Zanzibari Doors

Zanzibar doors are extremely extraordinary that you don’t want to miss as they are historic. While a few doors and structures are capitulating to destroy, there are as yet huge numbers of the first doors flawless, elaborately beautified, and have implications behind them.

The most popular and great door is the one at Tippu Tip’s House, a Zanzibarian slave and ivory dealer from the eighteenth century. Most tourists take photographs with these doors.

Tour highlights

  • Local made wooden boat will be used during the tour
  • Feeding the giant Tortoises at Prison Island
  • Swimming and Beach Relaxing
  • Having great photos with the tortoises and fishes
  • Getting some History about the Prison Island

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