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10 Amazing Adventure Sights Preview While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

“The best views come after the hardest climbs.” This saying holds completely true in the case of Kilimanjaro. Regardless of whether you come to ascend it or basically to look in wonderment at this extraordinary, snow-capped equatorial mountain, Climbing Mount… Continue reading

Going For Kilimanjaro Adventure: Anticipation V/S Reality

Are you planning for your next adventure? What is going to be your next target, somewhere non-technical isn’t it? So how about turning towards Africa?

Mount Kilimanjaro Cimbing

There are many peaks that are waiting for you in the African continent and Kilimanjaro… Continue reading

10 Things We Wish You Know Before Kilimanjaro Adventure

Mount Kilimanjaro has an evident intrigue. Not exclusively Africa’s most noteworthy pinnacle, yet additionally the world’s tallest unattached mountain; ‘Kili’ baits climbers from varying backgrounds as well as from each edge of the globe. Kilimanjaro Adventure has another exceptional quality… Continue reading


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