Kilimanjaro Climb Medical Advice

Kilimanjaro Climb Medical Advice – All participants are required by the Tanzanian authorities to have a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate to enter Tanzania.  Your certificate will be issued by either your doctor or a travel clinic prior to travelling to Tanzania. Tanzania is also a malaria country and so it is important that you seek medical advice about taking anti-malarial medication before climbing Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro Medical List

Diamox 250mg For altitude sickness.

We Karibu Adventures do recommending to use 125mg twice a day

  • Max 3/day from day 1 (Or
  • before going above 3 000m). Good supply – or the
  • generic – Azomid.

Headache/Pain Pills

  • Not too strong, otherwise it may mask more serious
  • symptoms & inhibit breathing.

Basic Antiseptic Cream For cuts / blisters add plasters & small scissors.

  • Imodium & Buscopan
  • Stomach disorders – good supply
  • For nausea – good supply

Sun protection Lip-ice, Zinc balm, Sun-screen factor 40 or more for protection from the sun, wind and ice-glare

  • Re-hydrate Salts / Electrolytes
  • To supplement the loss of salts / electrolytes with the
  • hard physical activity. Recommended to add to your
  • water bottle to ingest while walking for optimum absorption.

Support bandage / Antiinflammatory tablets, creams & patches.

  • For aching joints especially on the descent.

Decadron (Steroid) (or similar)

  • These do help, but you must check with a doctor before using.

Sleeping tablets

  • For people that are light sleepers. Not stronger than over-the-counter – it HAS to be quick-release – you don’t want to feel groggy from the tablets when you wake up!

Water purification Tablets

  • Enough for approx. 21-25 litres of water

Extra Calmag – To avoid cramping Vitamin E – Assist in oxygenation process

  • Extend – For muscle strength and stamina

B12 – For energy

  • A good multi-vitamin will include all of the above (e.g. Pharmaton, etc.)

Additional Information

  • Please note that all of the above are suggestions only – you MUST consult a good physician before using any of these – some may affect you adversely at high altitude or have an interaction with other medications in your system. You may also be allergic to certain drugs e.g. Sulphur-based products.
  • Go slowly, very slowly (POLE POLE!). It is very important to do this on the first two days, even if you feel well. This is where your climb is made!
  • For those doing the Marangu Route, please suggest to your guide that you go the longer route along the river en-route to Mandara Hut, as it is more scenic.
  • There are no shower facilities at any of the huts/camps – your porters will supply you with warm water if required. No washing water at Kibo or Barafu camps. Wet wipes are quite useful!
  • There are no opening windows in the huts (Marangu Route – except Kibo) – to get air

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