Tipping Guideline on Kilimanjaro

Tipping Guideline on Kilimanjaro – We us Karibu Adventures, we pride ourselves on offering our employees the highest living wages. However, Kilimanjaro has a deeply entrenched tipping culture that involves all mountain operators and their crew. Hence, tipping is seen as a customary practice.

Our Kilimanjaro tipping guidelines were established after consultation with the Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society and are intended to give a fair tip to the porters and guides. Please note that these guidelines and approximate figures are intended to assist you in making a choice. You should not feel obliged in any way to tip, or be pressured by any member of staff to do so.

Tipping Distribution Guideline

Porters $8 – $10 per day

Cooks $12- $15 per day

Assistant Guides $15 to $20 per day

Kilimanjaro Guides $20 – $25 per day

Safari Guides $20 – $25 per day

Please Note: Tip amounts listed for Kilimanjaro and safari are per group, not per individual traveler. For instance, four people on safari should each contribute $5/day if they want to tip the driver.

Good time for tipping

At the final camp, team members will nominate a person to take charge of the tipping process.

We advocate undertaking the formal tipping ceremony and distributing your tips on the last day of your expedition at the National Park gate. Handing each team member his or her tip will instill great pride in a job well done.

Your head guide will call all the crew together at the Park gate and the nominated spokesperson will say a few words on behalf of the group guide translating to Swahili.


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