Kilimanjaro Helps And Support

Kilimanjaro Helps And Support, Please consider donating your clothing and equipment to the climb team in addition to tipping them. Remember that the staff climbs Kilimanjaro many times a year and can go through their clothes and gear rather quickly. Your donation is of great assistance to these individuals, many of who are unwilling to spend their money on material goods they consider a luxury rather than a necessity. They will appreciate your generosity tremendously.


Donations should be given directly to individuals they are intended for, perhaps those with the greatest need or who were of particularly good service or you may give to our office or direct to “Frank” Karibu Adventure founder/Chef Guide.

Karibu adventures Hepls And Support

Our Response

We recognize the interconnections of porter welfare and that influence on the well being and potential of their families and communities. At a basic level, porter support entails helping ensure that porters are properly equipped for the mountain. We support and supplement current efforts to distribute gear and equip porters for Kilimanjaro, helping porters stay healthy and safe while working in  the alpine environments of Kilimanjaro


  • To help people to start their own businesses and careers
  • To provide facilities instead of giving money
  • To help both organizations and individuals
  • To create business contract between countries through practical training
  • To increase people’s knowledge about Tanzania’s problems and advantages so that they can better help the society.

Karibu adventures Hepls And Support


  • Supply computers in schools or churches
  • Books donations
  • Feed others
  • Give building materiols
  • Helps to make their uniforms
  • Helps those suffering from disease

Karibu adventures Hepls And Support


Everyone has something to offer the project they visit as there is still so much need in Tanzania. Whether it is extra hands to complete a building project, a specific skill you want to share to simply acknowledging a vulnerable child’s existence, you can be confident you will make a big difference to the community you work with.

You have the opportunity to work at churches, orphanages, schools, vocational training centers, women’s groups, centers for children with disabilities, hospitals, community development projects and environmental conservation projects. There is a minimum 1 month stay which is to ensure all volunteers are truly valuable to the project they work in. Internships are also available.

Karibu adventures Hepls And Support


Whilst you are volunteering, you won’t forget the array of activities that can be done in Tanzania. On weekends or before/after your volunteering, you will find volunteers going on Day trips, Wildlife Safari, climbing Kilimanjaro and travelling to Zanzibar.

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