How To Preserve Your Fitness During Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

How Do I Prepare to Climb Kilimanjaro? There is no denying the fact that without a fit & healthy body no one can stand up to the physically demanding challenges of life either it is running, swimming, playing or carrying out any other activities. Thus, when Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro comes into the question, physical fitness is of paramount importance. A highly fit body of a human being with lots of stamina & grit can be able to withstand the harsh environment of the mountain with ease. Even for a fall & rising up again needs sound health, as it is rightfully said-

Fitness During Climbing Kilimanjaro

“The harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal.”   

Now these are the precautions, you have to take to succeed in your Kilimanjaro Adventure, are as follows:- 

Before Preparing To Climb Kilimanjaro Check Your Health

1.Numerous people want to go for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro but in order to do that they all have to check their health by going to their respective family doctors or local physicians and taking a word of advice from them.

Before Preparing To Climb Kilimanjaro Check Your Health

2. Every potential climber has to know if his or her age is within the limits to get permission for the climb. Moreover, they also have to make sure that their fitness level & health condition is good enough to make the climb.

3. All such mountaineers must also have to ensure that they don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions that can be a hurdle while making the climb. In case, if they have one, they have to back out because taking such a risk is not worthy.   

Attend The Kilimanjaro Climbing Training Session:

Kilimanjaro Climbing Training Session

1.This is the second stage of preparation for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. In case, you are a first timer, it is mandatory for you and all such people to go through the session to improve your physical endurance as well as your mental stamina.

2. Those who are experienced can go for the higher levels of the mountaineering session that will enhance their climbing skills and help them in scaling the mountain more effectively.

3. This is not the end of the road, persons who register for such training sessions also learns various practical techniques to counter or avoid the high altitude sickness & ward of any sudden change in the weather during the climb.        

Increase Your Strength

Increase Your Strength

1.There are many more preparations for making up to the top and increasing your strength is one of them. Going for a regular jog can be a good start.

2. Just figure out, if you have a small hill nearby your home. It can help you a lot in preparing you for the climb.

3. What’s more, you can enhance your muscles and the strength to go for the climb by joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer who can enable you to gain the strength & the fitness required for the ultimate hike.     

The Importance Of Stretching

The Importance Of Stretching

1.Actually, stretching lowers the risk of injury by preparing the muscles for the activity. It aids a lot in reducing stiffness & soreness. 

2. To prepare for Mount Kili climb, every climber has to stretch the following muscle groups of the body daily such as hamstrings, quads, calves and the shoulder girdle.

3. There are several other types of stretches that can be done by using other parts of the body. Any personal trainer or physician will recommend 15-30 seconds per muscle group per day.     

Mentally Be Prepared For Successful Summit

Mentally Be Prepared For Successful Summit

1.This is one of the last but important levels of preparation for the successful summit and it is none other than making you mentally prepared for it.

2. You have to remind yourself regularly that you can make the climb. Preparing the mind for a task is also one of the difficult levels of preparation.

3. Any individual’s mind needs a constant focus & concentration. You have to stay positive at all times.     

Apart from all these physical & mental fitness, people must also have to take care of their diet while preparing for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Good & nutritious food also contributes a lot in preparing an individual for a successful summit. So please take care of yourself & contact us for planning & customizing your Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages. Please visit us @

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