Kilimanjaro Songs

Celebration Songs on Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Songs – While climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you will hear the staff sing songs to celebrate your achievement, where it is arriving at a campsite, reaching the summit, or before you exit the park. Here is the popular song, actually a combination of two songs, that you will most definitely hear, sung in Swahili (English translation in parentheses).

Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro, mlima mrefu sana (Kilimanjaro, long mountain journey)
Na Mawenzi, na Mawenzi (And Mawenzi, and Mawenzi)
Na Mawenzi, mlima mrefu sana (And Mawenzi, long mountain journey)
Ewe nyoka, ewe nyoka (As a snake, as a snake)
Ewe nyoka, mbona waninzungukaa (As a snake, it winds all around)

Jambo, jambo Bwana (Hello, hello Sir) .
Habari gani (How are you?)
Mzuri sana (Very fine)
Wageni, mwakaribishwa (Foreigners, you’re welcome)
Kilimanjaro, hakuna matata (Kilimanjaro, there is no problem)

Tembea pole pole, hakuna matata (Walk slowly, slowly, no problem)
Utafika salama, hakuna matata (You’ll get there safe, no problem)
Kunywa maji mengi, hakuna matata (Drink plenty of water, no problem)

Learn the words and sing along. They will be impressed with your effort!

Jambo Bwana song English Lyrics

Hello! Hello sir!
How are you? Very well!
Guests, you are welcome!
Kilimanjaro? No trouble!

Walk slowly, slowly. No trouble!
You’ll get there safe. No trouble!
Drink plenty of water. No trouble!

Kilimanjaro! Kilimanjaro!
Kilimanjaro, such a high mountain.

Also Mawenzi, also Mawenzi!
Also Mawenzi such a high mountain.

Like a snake, like a snake!
Like a snake you wrap around me

You wrap around me, you wrap around me
Trying to eat me like a piece of meat

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