Kilimanjaro Private climbs

Kilimanjaro private climb allows you to tailor your trip according to your personal needs and preferences. You choose the dates, route and options and only travel with your private group of friends or family; private climbs also tend to have the highest summit success rate

This is a great option for groups of friends, colleagues or families; it is also a favorite with charity groups of varying sizes and adventurous honeymooners.

If you are more of a solo traveler or setting out to accomplish a very personal goal, you can always book a climb for yourself. Our experienced guides will keep you company and lead the way.

Private climbs can consist of a minimum of one person to over 80 with your guides, cooks and porters dedicated to the welfare and safety of your group exclusively. Private departures also include pre- and post-trekking accommodation. Enjoy the comfort of portable chemical toilets on all the camping routes (except Marangu route).

Kilimanjaro private climb can depart on any day of the week. This is ideal if you have limited time or need to fit your Kilimanjaro route around fixed flight arrivals and departures.

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