Sustainable Tourism

Tourism can be done responsibly; stimulating the economy and improving the lifestyles of the Tanzanians, while conserving the natural resources.

It will take all of our efforts to ensure that the very thing that attracts tourists – the raw beauty of Kilimanjaro vegetation covering and the glorious wildlife – can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Our Vision

It stands for protecting and caring for the diverse cultures of the country, as well as its natural environment, whilst optimizing on business and economic sustainability. It aspires to support and communicate a positive impression of Tanzanian tourism, both locally and for the global market. Responsible Tourism Tanzania believes that the best in Tanzanian tourism is yet to come.

Practice Low Impact Traveling and Camping

Whether you are camping on safari or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, it is essential that you leave the area how you found it. Thousands of people each year visit these parks, putting pressure on the fragile ecosystem. Do your part by picking up after yourself and disposing of rubbish in the correct manner.

Stay On the Trail or Path

This may sound like a simple thing to do, but you’d be amazed at how many people go off trail. This not only hurts the environment, but makes it easier to get lost. On the mountain, it is easy to get disoriented when the heavy clouds roll in. On safari, it’s important to stay on the established roads. It may sound adventurous to go off-road, but by doing so, you could be harming the animals near you.

Leave No Trace environmental ethics

Leave no trace is a motto we take seriously; all our guides and core crew are trained on the Leave No Trace principles. Whether it’s on Kilimanjaro, or in a remote area of the Serengeti, we go to lengths far beyond other companies to ensure the integrity of the places we visit. We live in and love Tanzania, so we’re constantly seeking ways not only to improve our services.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.”


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