The best time for Safari

The best time for Safari

The best time for Safari, Planning the perfect Tanzania safari requires considering the best time to visit each park to maximize wildlife sightings and enhance your overall experience.

In this detailed article, we explore the optimal times to visit Tanzania’s top national parks and highlight the unique offerings and seasonal highlights of each destination.

We also mention moderately good times to visit and periods when it is not recommended to ensure you make the most informed decision.


Best Time: December to July

December to March (Calving Season): Witness the remarkable wildebeest calving season in the southern Serengeti and Ndutu area, with predators in abundance.

June to July (Great Migration): Experience the awe-inspiring Great Wildebeest Migration as the herds cross the Grumeti River and venture into the northern Serengeti.

Moderately Good Time: November, August, September

Not Recommended: April to October (Rainy Season)


Best Time: January to February, June to September

January to February: Enjoy clear skies and excellent visibility for game viewing in the Ngorongoro Crater, home to a high concentration of wildlife.

June to September: Experience the dry season, when animals gather around water sources, increasing the chances of spotting the Big Five.

Moderately Good Time: December, March to May

Not Recommended: October to November (Rainy Season)


Best Time: June to October

June to October: Witness large herds of elephants gathering around the Tarangire River as it becomes the primary water source during the dry season. Game drives offer excellent opportunities to spot diverse wildlife species.

Moderately Good Time: November to May

Not Recommended: None


Best Time: July to October

July to October: Explore the park during the dry season when animals concentrate around Lake Manyara, providing thrilling opportunities to observe tree-climbing lions, elephants, giraffes, and birdlife.

Moderately Good Time: November to June

Not Recommended: None 


Weather and Seasonality: Tanzania’s dry season (June to October) generally offers the best game viewing opportunities, while the wet season (November to May) brings lush landscapes and fewer tourists.

Wildlife Migration: Plan your visit to coincide with the Great Wildebeest Migration for a remarkable spectacle in the Serengeti and Maasai Mara.

Birdwatching: Bird enthusiasts may prefer visiting during the wet season when migratory bird species are present, adding to the overall biodiversity of the parks.

Tanzania’s national parks offer extraordinary safari experiences throughout the year. By understanding the best times to visit each park, along with the moderately good times and periods to avoid, you can tailor your safari adventure to witness the unique highlights and maximize your chances of encountering the incredible wildlife that calls these parks home.

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