Which Route Is Having High Success Rate To Summit Kilimanjaro?

What is the Best Route to Climb Kilimanjaro, Hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world descend on Kilimanjaro national park with just one goal in mind and that is to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro with all their might & vigor. But here, they are missing some crucial things such as common sense, knowledge, experience, and patience required for making the trek. For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro one needs to do the following:-

a)    They have to acclimatize with the terrain in order to move forward and for that climbers have to spend longer periods on the mountain. 

b)    The process of acclimatization helps a body to adapt to a new atmosphere and it is similar to the way astronauts are trained to adapt to the hazardous environments of space.    

Now after getting acquainted with the knowledge on how to climb the mountain, it is also time to get informed about its success rates:-

Machame Route Success Rate

For most of the hikers, going up to the peak through the Machame route will be best for hikers because:-

  • This route can be completed under a seven-day hiking schedule & this route not only provides a fantastic landscape but also an awesome scenery.
  • Interestingly, Machame Route also provides climb high-sleep low profile and due to this very reason, the summit success rate is high on this route. Additionally, climbers also get an extra day to acclimatize.        

Success Rate Percentage= 85% for a seven-day trek.     

Rongai Route Success Rate

It is for those who want to go for the top from the northern side:-

  • Just like Machame, Rongai Route offers a 7-day journey.
  • As its terrain doesn’t allow for a ‘climbs high sleep low’ option, spending an extra day is enough for acclimatizing on the mountain.      

Success Rate Percentage= 80% for a seven-day trek

Lemosho Route Success Rate

It is rapidly turning into a rock star route for numerous trekkers who are going for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro:-

1)     The Lemosho Route is getting widely popular for possessing stunning scenes of nature and being a peaceful remote trek that approaches the mountain top from the southwest direction.

2)    It will be mostly better to take an 8-day trek on this route because it offers great acclimatization and really a good ‘climb high sleep low’ profile as it is the only route that starts from a higher altitude.     

Success Rate Percentage= 90% for an eight-day package.  

Northern Circuit Success Rate

Some people might not be able to trust this route because of being very new on the block but trying something innovative is always cool:-

  • Northern Circuit is the longest route and by far exceeds all other routes. 
  • Due to its length, it is the safest & the most successful route on Kilimanjaro. In case, you have more time for trekking on this mountain than in every way, this is the best option for you.

  Success Rate Percentage= 100% for the 11-day trek.  

Marangu Route Success Rate

Last but not least, until now, it is regarded as the oldest & the most established route on the mountain:-

  • It stems from the fact that it is not only the shortest route but also provides hut accommodation all the way up to the mountain. The main reason Marangu Route is so popular because it is a quick turnaround for people who can’t acclimatize with the mountain.
  • If you really want to climb using this specific route than we recommend not to fall for the sales pitch and take a 6-day package that will take you up to the mountain with a high rate of success.    

 Success Rate Percentage= 60% for a 6-day hike.

Almost all the routes have a high success rate; with an extra day for acclimatization than it will be better to go for packages offering more number of days. Actually, anyone going for a shorter package with less number of days will not only lose the hard-earned money but will also fail Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to reach the peak. Visit @ karibuadventure.com to know more about the packages, gear as well as climbing routes. 

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