Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear Price List

Kilimanjaro gear hiring Price – This list is a list of items available for hire in Moshi upon your arrival. The prices are per climb and not per day. You may choose to bring some or all of these items from home.


The prices quoted in US Dollars

The prices quoted in US Dollars
Sleeping bag “4 Season” -4 °C -5 °C -15°C or higher temp$15
Warm pants (Skiing pants) For evenings & Summit night$10
Waterproof Pants$ 9
Waterproof jacket (NOT water resistant)$ 7
Patagonia$ 5
Long thermal (top and bottoms)$ 5
Warm Jacket(Skiing or Down Jacket$ 10
Thick walking Socks(at least 6-8 pairs)$ 2
Balaclava$ 4
Headlamp (excl AAA batteries)$ 8
Sweater/pullover$ 8
Gaiters(to wear over shoes &keep them dry$ 8
Water bottles$ 5
Gloves (thin liner and thick waterproof gloves)   per glove$ 5
Walking poles$ 8
Day Backpack (approximately 30liters)$15
Hiking boot(We don’t have many)$ 25
Water proof cover to go over daypack$ 5
Poncho$ 8
Duffle Bag$ 15
Fleece pants$ 5
Upper thermal$ 5
Light Pants(wear over thermal)$ 5
Camel pack$ 8
Rucksack or Duffel bag (main bag for porters to carry)$ 20
Head torch$ 10
Thick Fleece$ 7
 Sunglasses Not for hire


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