Toilets On Kilimanjaro

Toilets on Kilimanjaro, Are you thinking about how you ‘do your business’ on Kilimanjaro? Look no further, here is all the information you need about toilets on Mount Kilimanjaro. Kindly read below info

Advice for women climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

The long drop

Toilets On kilimanjaro

While climbing Kilimanjaro, there are always going to be public toilets at each camp site. These are known as ‘long drop’ toilets. They are wooden permanent buildings that look like…Well normal public restrooms.

Long drop public toilet facilities are provided and maintained by the Kilimanjaro National Park.

Private portable toilet

Toilets On kilimanjaro

The second option is a private portable toilet. This is a simple chemical toilet or in some cases a bag attached to a toilet drum and seat that sits inside a private toilet tent

Private toilets are just for you and your group. A porter is tasked with carrying the toilet and toilet tent from camp to camp, and makes sure it is clean and sanitary! This are available for the $20 per day for the whole group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every camp sites on Kilimanjaro has public toilets, the facilities toilets on Kilimanjaro do not feature western style toilets, nor do they have sinks with hot water or soap dispensers. Forget porcelain loos with lockable doors, marble sinks with soap dispensers, hot water and hi-tech hand driers.

How does a long drop toilet work?

A long drop toilet, also known as a pit latrine, collects human feces in a hole in the ground where the toilet is located and can work with or without flowing water. Long drop toilets work to decrease the amount of spread of disease and the transfer of pathogens from flies, one of our sanitation frequently clean it.

What is a long drop?

The long drop is a type of non-flush toilet that collects waste underground. This low cost type of toilet helps decrease the spread of infectious diseases.

Can I get a private toilet on Kilimanjaro?

Trekking Kilimanjaro is an immensely bonding experience. In time you’ll come to regard your guides, porters and fellow trekkers as honorary brothers and sisters. All the same, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be comfortable ‘dropping your fudge’ in front of them. Don’t panic. There is an alternative to the ‘toilet shack’.

The second option is the ‘portable private loo’. This amounts to a proper chemical toilet (with a seat, no less!) that is contained within its own discreet tent for total privacy (if not soundproofing). A portable private loo is for the exclusive use of you and your group only. As with the shacks, though, it is only set up and available in camp.

One porter will be responsible for cleaning, maintaining and transporting the loo between camps, so at least you have the assurance that your ‘comfort breaks’ will be sanitary and conducted in privacy.

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