Mt Kilimanjaro Toilet

Toilets on Kilimanjaro – Are you thinking about how you ‘do your business’ on Kilimanjaro? Look no further, here is all the information you need about toilets on Kilimanjaro.

The long drop


While climbing Kilimanjaro, there are always going to be public toilets at each camp site. These are known as ‘long drop’ toilets. They are wooden permanent buildings that look like…Well normal public restrooms.

Long drop public toilet facilities are provided and maintained by the Kilimanjaro National Park.

Private portable toilet

private toilet on Kilimanjaro


The second option is a private portable toilet. This is a simple chemical toilet or in some cases a bag attached to a toilet drum and seat that sits inside a private toilet tent

Private toilets are just for you and your group. A porter is tasked with carrying the toilet and toilet tent from camp to camp, and makes sure it is clean and sanitary! This are available for the $20 per day for the whole group.

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