Kilimanjaro Climbs Expert – Many tour companies sell Kilimanjaro these days, and more are popping up every year. However, Karibu Adventures was one of the first companies to guide climbers to the summit over one decade, and we are the recognized leaders today. No one should experience Kilimanjaro in any other way.

Why Climb Kilimanjaro with Karibu Adventures

  • LOCAL OPERATORS & TALA Licence company : We are a Tanzanian Company.We were born here, live here & work here; we know Tanzania. When you purchase a Karibu Adventures you are dealing directly with the company providing the services, not with an agent shopping for services in Africa on your behalf. Our guides are all local, knowledgeable and indigenous to this part of Africa – we do not employ foreign guides as we believe the best people to show you our homeland has to be a Tanzanian born and bred!
  • We offering Air Ambulance with Flying Doctor who can evacuate you in case of any severe problems arise up to an altitude of 4000m
  • WE DELIVER: Anyone can have fabulous websites, glossy brochures and equally glossy promises;’ at Karibu Adventures we use simplicity to its finest and are straightforward in telling you about what to expect on your Adventures and implement the promises we make. We deliver!
  • RIGHT PRICES: We provide QUALITY at the RIGHT PRICE.We do NOT compete with operators who charge less as they realize what their services are worth! Moreover, in Africa, you do not have to pay the most to get the best! We believe our prices to be affordable & the best available.
  • Highest Safety Standards: Our guiding and safety gear provisions deliver the safest Kilimanjaro experience;
  • Comfiest Camping: Best camping kit on Kilimanjaro;
  • Professional Team: Our guides and climbing crew are seasoned pros;
  • Ethical Porter Treatment: We set the standards;
  • Gourmet Food: Fresh, healthy meals with local ingredients and catering for special needs;
  • Responsible Tourism: Committed to environmental responsibility;
  • Over decade Years Experience: So you benefit from our expertise and passion.

Karibu Adventures takes the safety of our guests and guides seriously and has more safety equipment than any other outfitter on Kilimanjaro.

We supply every trek with:

  • Oxygen – For emergency use to ensuring that every trekker has easy access to emergency oxygen.
  • First-aid, Trauma and Medicine Kits – Fully stocked as per Wilderness First Responder guidelines and including medicine instructions.
  • Pulse-oximeter – To measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels and rapidly detects changes in blood oxygen level. The Head Guide checks, evaluates and documents blood oxygen levels and heart rate for each climber daily at dinner time.
  • Mobile Phones – Carried by all guides for daily communications with our base in Moshi.
  • Safety Briefing – A full safety briefing is given by the Head Guide before each trek, covering expectations, risks, safety gear and preventative safety.
  • Provide only Wilderness First Responder certified guides so our entire guiding team is trained and certified to the highest level.

Specialized mountain crew members who join every trek:

  • Wilderness First Responder Certified Mountain Guides – All of our mountain guides hold current certification and are re-certified every two years.
  • Mountain Chef – Our Mountain Chefs are trained to the highest standards because good nourishment is a priority for our climbers. They specialize in cooking set menu plans based on specially created and highly detailed recipes. Every year we review and improve recipes while our Chefs undergo additional training including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menu plans.
  • Waiters – Each trek has a Head Waiter and an Assistant Waiter (depending on service level) to ensure a professional meal service and keeping the dining tent clean & organized.
  • Campsite Manager – Our Campsite Managers organize the expert setup and breakdown of each camp, and practice the Leave No Trace wilderness ethics. Camp Set Up Crew – Our fastest porters reach the next camp location first, to secure the best tent sites daily.
  • Sanitary Services Crew – This specialist team is trained in sanitary services including collection and treatment of drinking water and managing hand-washing stations for climbers.

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