Going For Kilimanjaro Adventure: Anticipation V/S Reality

Going For Kilimanjaro Adventure, Are you planning for your next adventure? What is going to be your next target, somewhere non-technical isn’t it? So how about turning towards Africa?

Mount Kilimanjaro Cimbing

There are many peaks that are waiting for you in the African continent and Kilimanjaro is one of them. Once you have booked your package the next best thing that you have to work on is preparation such as routes, gear, and other important essentials. As a first-timer, you might have apprehensions about many things and today we are going to break all those myths regarding your Kilimanjaro Adventure.  

Are you ready for it? Yes, then let’s check it out:-                   

1. The Squad

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Squad

a)    Anticipation

There will be two guides & few porters

b)    Reality

Wrong! You will be rolled in a caravan of Guides And Porters for the hike.

c)    Clarity:

A ratio of standard porter to hiker is 3:1. But in a slightly bigger group, you will be receiving a good amount of porters to look after you while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.      

2. Food

Foods Take On Kilimanjaro

a)    Anticipation

All the fatty food items will be empty in a day.

b)    Reality

You will get plenty of food items on a daily basis and it will be enough to satisfy your taste buds and stomach. 

c)   Clarity:  

During the climb, the type of food that will be served to you will be completely regal. Your day is going to start with a calorie lashed breakfast such as eggs, millet porridge, sausage, and toast & lunch will be packed with Carrot and cucumber strips, avocado slices, boiled eggs, chicken, meat cutlets, sandwiches, fruit, meat sauce, and bread.        

3.  Music

a)    Anticipation

You must be expecting local mountainous folk music.

b)    Reality

Instead, you will be greeted with western pop songs sung by the likes of Celine Dion, Ricky Martin and many more. 

c)    Clarity

Yes, your Kilimanjaro Adventure is going to be melodious. You might have thought that locals will greet you with their folk songs sung by their local artisans. But, interestingly they are fans of all kinds of popular international music.  

4. Gear

Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear

a)    Anticipation

You can take extra luggage.

b)    Reality

Seriously, there is no need for extra luggage. 

c)    Clarity:

Climbers who are on Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours must know that the weight limit per porter is around 30 pounds. So, it is advised to pack smart such as carrying extra zip lock bags, an additional packet of body wipes, etc.   

5. Hydration Pack

Hydrate On Kilimanjaro

a)    Anticipation

A water bottle is very convenient to have.  

b)    Reality

A water bottle really gets very cold on a chilled night.   

c)    Clarity

It will be better to have a water hydration pack in addition to a water bottle. A bladder enabled hydration pack is fast and convenient for re-hydrating. While the water bottle is perfect for cooling your body organs from heat whereas the hydration pack will keep you hydrated.  

6. Last Night Trek For Going Up To The Summit    

a)    Anticipation

It is going to be very cold.

b)    Reality

Water in the hydration pack tube will get frozen.

c)    Clarity

The inclusion of an insulated water bottle is also very necessary apart from a hydration pack because it is quite possible that the water contained in the tube connected to the pack might freeze due to the rapidly changing conditions. But the situation with an insulated water bottle will save you. So you can enjoy drinking the warm water that you have brought up to this height.

Most of your realities about the Kilimanjaro Adventure will be smoother than whatever you might have expected before making the big plunge of your life. Now in order to make your Kilimanjaro hike better contact us @ karibuadventure.com for getting all the relevant details.

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